Direction Amsterdam avec le DJ et producteur Cliff de Zoete ! Le nouvel étalon du label Sinners a pris le temps de nous concocter une foodlist sur ses influences pour la sortie de son dernier EP. Une ode à la danse, à la puissance de la musique, de ce qu’elle peut autant apporter pour le corps, l’esprit, et rassembler…. Bonne écoute !

Push – Universal Nation

As a kid growing up in The Netherlands in the 90’s, electronic music was already really big. All the main radio stations would play a lot of Trance and Gabber (Hardcore). I used to buy a lot of trance CD’s as a child my saved up pocket money. Although there are many great trance tracks from that era, I’d say this one still resonates a lot with me now. A lot of trance influence is coming back now in melodic techno and this track is still very playable now.


Zweitakter – König Nugget

Once I started going to parties in 2004, my favorite genre was electro. This is one of my all time favorite tracks from that period. Super euphoric and a lot of energy.


Justice – Phantom Pt.2 (Soulwax Remix)

I have so many great memories of this track that I could write a book about it. Both Justice and Soulwax are in my top 5 of favorite electronic acts and this track combines the best of both.


Dominik Eulberg – Noch Ein Bass Im Ärmel

After my interest in electro started to fade a little bit around the early 2010’s, I started moving towards music that’s closer to what I make nowadays. This is also around the time I started producing. I really love heavy and dark basslines and the bass in this track makes my spine tingle.


Elektrochemie – Pleasure seeker

Another bass monster is Pleasure Seeker. This one really pulls you in. In general I’m not the biggest fan of vocals in electronic music unless it complements the track, instead of it being the main “hook” of the track. But in my opinion Elektrochemie has nailed it in this track. It’s very dark and melancholic, but if you play this at the right moment it’s a dancefloor destroyer.


Stephan Bodzin – Sungam

Everything he touches is gold, but if I’d had to pick one track of his that has really inspired me, then It’s Sungam. This track has everything. It starts slow but it builds up to an explosion of euphoria. His melodies are super emotive and his synth modulation is out of this world.


Smilla – Play (Worakls Remix)

Like with Bodzin, everything he produces resonates with me. He’s one of the biggest inspirations of the current music I make. This is one of Worakls’s darker tracks and one of my favorites of his.


Hans Zimmer – Time

Everytime I listen to this track I still get goosebumps. In my opinion one of the best pieces of film music ever produced. I learn a lot from chord progressions in film scoring.


Daft Punk – Veridis Quo

I’ve been a massive fan of Daft Punk since I was a kid. Sure I love all the big hits, but I really like Veridis Quo in particular. It reminds my of a lot of film music from the 80’s and music that synth god Jean-Michel Jarre made.


Depeche Mode – A Pain That Im Used To (Jacques lu Cont Dub)

Depeche Mode are one of the bands that have influenced electronic music the most. There’s been many great remixes of their tracks over the years, but this is my absolute favorite.